Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Counting Calories

N has been doing so well over the past 2 weeks. I'll admit that I haven't been as exact at counting all of his calories. I could tell he was getting a good amount of food each day. But now I know better. Last night, N began to spiral. I could tell that he was struggling as soon as I picked him up from school. By the night's end, I had to push to get enough calories in him. This morning, he cried again. It took a long hour to get him to school. He was feeling so self conscious. I've upped his calories again and am diligently keeping track -- but I suspect it will take a day or two to have his mood swing back. I think that the return to school (after a long stress-free Thanksgiving break) also affected him.

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Anonymous said...

I recognize so much of myself in N, and I’m proud of you for all of the effort you’ve put into making him better. He seems like a sweet kid, and you clearly love him more then words can say. There will be bumps in his road to recovery, but maintain your positive outlook and you’ll make it through. In the end, it will be worth everything and more. Don’t ever lose hope.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story. My thoughts are with you.