Monday, November 19, 2007


N had a great time camping! I packed him full of calories before he left. Then on Saturday, I made up any deficits. According to both N and his scout leader, he ate well.

N was tired of course from late night camping. Sunday morning was tough. I was ready to go to church (announcing all throughout the morning how long until church) and he hadn't even started getting ready. He cried and I hugged him for several minutes. Then I told him to do some relaxation and say a prayer. He did and came to church quite late. But his attitude was a lot better throughout the rest of the day. We had Quiche for dinner. N doesn't like it, but he ate it without complaining. He also had two treats at an evening church meeting.

N went to bed late last night. I knew that it would affect him this morning. But it wasn't too bad. He's tired of shakes. I was willing to substitute pancakes this morning (4 with syrup). He wanted to negotiate the syrup. I think the idea of syrup being pure sugar really scares him. So, his Dad stepped in and compromised cherry preserves instead. I was worried that it would turn into a huge meltdown, but N jumped up and got ready for school. With a lot of cheerleading on my part, he made it to school only a few minutes late.

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