Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Low

We did our weekly weigh-in this morning. N reached a new low: 76.5 lbs.

I told him how much weight he had lost. He was all geared up for a battle -- but once he knew how much weight he had lost, there was no battle and he ate fine. I told him his weight because I knew he would eat.

Yesterday was rough, but he definitely is starting to get the idea about the new ground rules. For lunch today, I offered two choices. He wanted to argue -- but I reminded him there were no other choices or negotiations -- and he responded. It's been hard to know how much to limit his choices.

Note: (Added in 2009) This is the day that I knew we had to completely change our approach. When I discovered how low his weight had fallen, I was desperate and afraid for his life. I was willing to try something new. So on this date, I started applying the principles that I had been learning from the other parents at based on the Maudsley Method.

Starting with Sunday evening dinner, I gave him a plate full of food (using the "magic plate" concept - which means I chose the food and the quantities) and required that he eat it. I told him that we wouldn't be going anywhere or doing anything until he ate.  That first night was really tough. He sat at his chair much past dinner time crying, getting angry, and refusing to eat until he realized that I was completely serious. Then he started eating -- but just a bite at a time.  It was a long night, but he ate more than he'd had in a long while.  The difference was almost immediate.

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