Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Dynamics

I had no idea, until today, that parents were once blamed for children's anorexia.

I've been looking for a support forum and finally found one today. The reading was so interesting -- and I can tell I have so much to learn. I posted this blog link on that support forum and I've had many wonderful messages of support today. I didn't realize, however, that "family dynamics" was such a hot topic. I probably need to clarify some of my previous posts. I have been the one exploring my own possible roll in the development of my son's anorexia (based on my reading of "Skinny Boy"). Dr. R. has never suggested that I (or our family dynamics) have played any role in N's development of anorexia. We are treating the anorexia as a disease with food as the medicine. Our main objective right now is to get N to eat.

I've learned some about the Maudsley Method. From what little I've read, I think that it is pretty similar to what Dr. R. is teaching & promoting. We've also talked a lot about "Intuitive Eating" as a new way for N to approach food. I'm not sure how these two things work together but I intend to do a lot of reading and find out the best way to help N.

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