Tuesday, December 11, 2007

85.1 lbs

Both Sunday and Monday were fine. I weighed N on Sunday. He was up slightly to 85.1 lbs. N wasn't completely on top of things this weekend and I felt like we were walking the edge of the cliff again. He was easily stressed and avoided work/chores in general. I found myself tiptoeing around him a bit. We had Family Home Evening last night with a older single lady who is often lonely. N did really well. When he started to decline the juice and cinnamon rolls, I gave him "the look" and he accepted and was gracious.

This morning, however, N has fallen into his bad morning patterns. He's already 45 minutes late to school and is not showing any signs of trying to get there. He is crying and angry and frustrated. I suggested prayer again. His spirits are a bit better, but he is still moving slowly. He had only eaten part of his breakfast, but has now gone back and finished. I suspect those calories will help.

I still need to get his calories up. We're averaging around 2350 per day. I've used every trick that I can think of. Still, when I add things up at the end of the day, he is always short. That last snack of the day will get him up to 2300 but that is as high as I usually get.

I do think the trajectory of N's progress is still positive. He even said that he doesn't have the anorexic thoughts so much anymore. But then again, I heard many of them again this morning -- especially the "I feel self-conscious."

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