Monday, December 31, 2007

Magic Plate

This morning after negotiating breakfast foods for over 20 minutes, I finally ended it and chose the foods myself. N was not happy, but I think I need to end the regular negotiations. We've always let him know that a certain number of calories were required, but he'll throw out tons of food menu combinations trying to find exactly the right one (i.e. the one with the least calories). I understand that sometimes he has his own likes and dislikes. I can also understand that he is getting tired of certain foods. But he is so determined to "optimize" what he eats (sort of the "if I'm going to eat, then I want it to be the foods I like the very most"). He can take forever trying to decide what he wants the very most. I think it is setting up a bad pattern. So, we'll try to move back to the "magic plate" concept as taught in Maudsley.


Mikey said...

Please forgive my ignorance, but what is the 'magic plate' concept?

Wendy said...

The main idea is that the magic plate "appears" before you -- already full of food. Hopefully this takes any battles or negotiations out of meal time. It also allows us to give him adequate calories.