Thursday, December 13, 2007

High Calorie Foods

I'm compiling a list of good high calorie foods. I've gotten some great ideas on Laura Collin's forum for parents of children with anorexia (see link on side). My Sister-In-Law (a registered dietitian) has also shared a few. I intend to add to and edit this post as I find more ideas.

High Calorie Foods:
Shakes (with add ins)
Ice Cream
Muffins (Costco blueberry muffins are 612 calories each)
Cocoa (with add ins) - 450
Pop Tarts - (a package of 2 is 400 calories)
Oatmeal Packets (with add ins)
Cookie Dough

Add Ins:
Ensure (N doesn't really like this)
Carnation Instant Breakfast (cocoa, pancakes, milk, shakes)
Whole Milk (shakes, cocoa, pancakes, creams & sauces)
Half/Half or Cream (like whole milk when possible)
Cream Cheese
Cheese (though N genuinely hates cheese - so we don't use it)

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