Thursday, December 6, 2007


It was a rough morning again. N was more than an hour late for school. I'm hearing more of the "no one likes me, I'm stupid, I'm fat" recently. He repeated these thing multiple times this morning. He's also claiming that he can't finish his food because his stomach hurts or he is too full. But I won't let him not finish it.

We tried some "calm down" time this morning. That worked for about five minutes. He wouldn't try relaxation at all. I finally got him to go pray. He came back and wanted to know why prayer wasn't working. I asked him if he listened or just talked. He admitted that he was only talking. So he went back to his room. When I went to check on him, N said he felt like he should listen to the things I've been telling him. He also felt like he should play his guitar (I think a good relaxation and distraction technique). So he spent 10 minutes with his guitar and was good to go.

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