Friday, December 14, 2007

My Son Isn't Sick

N has done so well over the past couple of days. Sometimes when we've gone an extended time period like this, it feels like N isn't sick at all. We've had two completely normal days with a normal child. Last night, as I talked with Dr. J on the phone, I found myself feeling sheepish -- like N really isn't that sick and that I'm just taking advantage of these services for my own reassurances. I had to remind myself of the emotional discouragement and drama that was playing out only a few days ago. I tried to remember the frustration and fatigue. During the first months of the anorexia, I didn't need any reminding. The anorexia took over my son multiple times every day. Now he can go as many as four days with only subtle reminders of the anorexia. Our therapist, Dr. R. said that eventually the anorexia would just fade away. I think it's starting to fade.

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