Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

We've been visiting family since Saturday. N is pretty hesitant to make a scene in front of all of his relatives. Everyone has been great with N. I'm the only one making stupid comments. We told N that he couldn't have any "5 calorie" soda until he had finished all of his full calorie/fat foods. I found that so ironic given the current dialogue of dieting. So I made a comment -- insert foot in mouth. Last night and this morning, we've had to push a bit more. He's resisting and restricting again. He has tried to "get away" with it by sneaking away from his food while we are busy with relatives. We let him know that we would go home if his eating became a problem. I did have to remind him once or twice. We're headed home today, so I think he'll make it.

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