Saturday, December 8, 2007


Last night was rough! N was really low on calories by the end of the day, so I insisted on a very large evening snack. We were watching a movie and I hoped to distract him while eating. But he refused. By 10:00, he still had not eaten his snack. I had to be very firm. N pushed back and blatantly refused. He hasn't pushed back that hard for a while. In the end, he cried for a while and I hugged him. He kept saying that he was scared -- scared of getting fat, scared of eating so much, scared of no one liking him and scared of the food. I'm glad he was able to face and admit his fears. I asked him to sit by me on the couch so I could hug him while he ate his "scary poptarts." He laughed at my joke and relaxed a little and ultimately, we helped him eat his food.

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carrie said...

That's wonderful!

Humor is a great weapon in the fight against Ed. I got nervous when my mom was cooking some sort of ground meat, and I started to interrogate her as to whether it was beef or turkey and had she used any oil? Drained off the fat? And then my mom turned and looked at me, and with an absolutely straight face said: "It's armadillo meat. You'll love it- tastes like chicken."

I burst out laughing. It made me realize that my perception of the situation might not be entirely accurate.