Monday, January 28, 2008


N had a fine weekend. The anorexia has continued to be strong. It's coming in stronger waves multiple times a day right now. I've wondered if he is fighting off something, which in turn could ramp up any autoimmune issues. N has been pretty hard on himself. He did make it to church on time.

This morning, we had another long delay as he chose his shirt. It took him 2 1/2 hours to get to school. I think that his issue with shirts could be another example of focusing too much on the details and not seeing the big picture. He finally responded this morning after I reminded him of the reality of his shirt choices. We weren't able to find any this past weekend (though we looked). I walked him through his choices, told him that I understood that he didn't love any of them, reminded him that we couldn't get any new shirts at that moment, and helped him see the big picture of him missing school while we waited. He finally picked the shirt that he likes the most (but doesn't really like) as I helped him to put it all into perspective.

I noticed that he did something similar tonight as he worked on his science fair project. He needed to create four pages with a topic and a sentence under each topic. He had already written everything in a prior preparation paper. But he couldn't get past the font and size choices. He was paralyzed by the graph color choices. Again, it was so difficult for him to see the bigger picture of spending larger amounts of time doing those things that are most important and not taking tons of time on those little details.

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