Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday Weigh-In

N weighed 86.9 lbs on Sunday morning. That is down .1 lb from last week.

Snowboarding went well. N had a lot of fun. He accidentally left his lunch in the car and had to buy two nutri-grain bars instead. He did finish off most of his lunch during the ride home. We worked all evening to make up the calories. He has been super sore from the rigors of beginning snowboarding. He said that he didn't ever go really fast. I think he was nervous about hitting other people, so he would crash on purpose. He also wouldn't go on any of the official runs. I think the anorexia makes him extra anxious about all sorts of things. He did stay warm.

On Sunday, N was still very sore. He was typically slow and anorexic in getting ready for church. He was also quite erratic about eating. Throughout the day, he told me that he was hungry several times. I always insisted that he have a snack at those times. I really think that he wanted a snack and that is why he told me and reminded me about his snacks. It's interesting to me, that he can admit that he is hungry, remind me that it is time for a snack, but ultimately he needs me to be responsible for making him eat it.

We had to make a decision yesterday about N going camping at the end of January at the Klondike. We've both been quite concerned about the extreme cold camping conditions as well as the rigors of completing a Klondike course (making a sled and pulling it, using snowshoes, for a mile or two). They would be in these conditions for more than 24 hours. The potential for problems with N would be extremely high. If he did go, then T would have to go too. We still weren't sure it would be a good idea -- even with Dad going. N's scout leaders are aware of his anorexia. One leader didn't really understand how this could be a bad thing for N. I think he really views the anorexia as a choice. The other leader was as concerned as we were. He has a daughter that has recently had some neurological issues, so he understood better. After discussing the camping trip with both leaders, we decided not to let N go. N handled the whole thing well. However, it will be extra hard for him when the boys come back and talk all about it during church.

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