Friday, January 4, 2008

Mom Counting Calories

We've fully implemented the "magic plate" idea. N isn't fighting us at all anymore. It is so much easier! I, however, am still having a hard time keeping track of his calories. So yesterday I tried something that worked better than a daily total. I divided his day into 3 segments: breakfast/snack, lunch/snack, and dinner/snack. I just aim for 1000 calories in each segment. Yesterday, lunch and dinner came up a bit short. But I'm able to calculate the shorted calories easier than trying to track a whole day's worth.

N said that he was feeling very self conscious yesterday. He kept asking questions with the main motivation of getting us to tell him that he was skinnier than everyone else. Even with the anorexia working hard on him, he kept his emotions in check. I could see him exercising purposeful self control in a few situations. He has talked a lot about hating the contention in our home lately. He realizes that he is a root cause of it and has set a goal to work on it. He did a really good job yesterday.

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