Monday, January 21, 2008

Weigh-In//Reward - Day 4

N made it to church on time on Sunday. He has fought visibly with the anorexia both yesterday and today. I think Sundays are a bit hard, because things aren't as structured as normal. I really have to stay on top of his calorie intake, because it's easy for me to forget about counting as we are out of the normal routines.

We got around seven inches of snow last night. So this morning, T, N & J shoveled our driveway and then went to make sure that some of our neighbor's driveways were cleaned off. N struggled with the fashion of the snow-wear. He went outside in his tennis shoes and low rider socks. After 15 minutes he was freezing, but didn't want to wear my waterproof duck shoes (they aren't in-style). He fussed and fought for about 10 minutes and finally relented and changed. He won, but it was a pretty rough battle.

N barely made it to bed on time Sunday night. We had family prayer and read scriptures together on his bed, so he could qualify as "in bed." He also barely made it to bed on Saturday night. At least he's generally getting to bed a lot earlier. It's been nice for T & I as a couple to have a bit of time again. I can also tell that N does better the next morning because he is better rested.

His weight was up a half pound on Sunday morning to 87.5 lbs.

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