Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hey Mom! Guess What?

As T & N hauled N's science fair board into the car this morning, N hollered back to me as I stood in the open garage door, "Hey Mom, guess what? I earned all three for the first time!" He was so proud of himself. He did. He earned all three rewards. He was on time for school, went to bed on time and finished his homework (though it was quite an ordeal completing the science fair project). Way to go N!

As we finished the science fair project last night, I found myself searching for a balance between letting him do everything and jumping in as his attention and spirits waned. He was highly reliant upon me to help him. Instead of doing it for him though, I tried to teach him the different mounting techniques (for example) and then let him finish. I had to purposely not make suggestions because he would freak out when I did. Hopefully, I'll get better at this delicate dance as time passes. I know that ultimately he needs to be responsible for it all, but I also didn't want him to give up (as he is prone to do because of the anorexia). As he heals, I'll need to wean him little by little.

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