Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reward System - Day 7

N didn't get to bed on time last night. But he did get his homework done. He had an astronomy poster due. He was struggling with paying too close attention to the details and not finding the main ideas. Luckily, T is a professor and teaches writing skills (which the poster basically used). T was able to walk N through the process of ignoring certain details in order to find the main points. After 10 minutes of talking, N had applied that concept to his poster and was moving along fine. I suspect that we'll have to hold N's hand a bit as he struggles with those concepts in the future.

N was only 10 minutes late for school this morning. He said that the anorexia was strong, but not with his shirt, instead it was with his food. I had some idea that he was struggling. He was saying things like "I'm too full to finish this" or "I'm trying to listen to my body and I feel full." When I responded that he had to finish his oatmeal and I said that he didn't get to use intuitive eating until he was weight-restored, he fought me a bit (which is when I suspected it was the anorexia). I made sure to remind him that his morning snack is not optional. He has been skipping that snack and has not been eating much of his lunch. I try to recover the calories later in the day, but it's almost impossible. I'm currently logging his foods in anticipation of our visit to the Children's Hospital. So, I'm extra aware of the deficits at the end of the day. Maybe I need to go eat lunch with him. I know that he really doesn't want me to do that. Perhaps the suggestion that it could happen would be enough to get him on board.

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